What we are

The Northern Liberal Network emerged from the frustration of the 2019 election, when we felt that although many of our policies were relevant to northern voters, we weren't able to communicate them effectively. We have only one MP in the north - but with many key target seats in the three regions as well as the prospect of taking control of local councils, we need clear messaging on northern issues.

Our primary goal isn't to make policy - that is the responsibility of the regional and federal conference. But we believe that by identifying common themes across regional conferences, and magnifying those issues at federal level, we can increase our influence and help the Liberal Democrats advocate more effectively on our issues.

By bringing together Liberal Democrats from across the north, we can campaign more effectively on issues that cross regional lines, and provide a forum for linking members with common interests.

We can promote engagement with the northern policy community - in thinktanks, universities and the media. And while many businesses across the north support the Liberal Democrats already and have ideas about how we can drive growth - they are often unsure how to engage with the party.

As a new organisation, we don't have a detailed blueprint for the next few years, but some of the ideas we are considering include:

Any member of the Liberal Democrats is eligible to join the network - so if you've got ideas, please contact us, or sign up to our mailing list to find out more!