Welcome to the website for the Northern Liberal Network.

We've come together because we believe that, while the party has strong policies that would benefit our regions, we have failed to communicate those over successive General Elections. As a result, we still have only one MP in the North. With four years till the next election, now is the time to build a vision that will carry us through it.

We also have the opportunity to put liberal principles into action in the meantime. Liberal Democrats already run councils in York, South Lakeland and Redcar. And we are positioned in the coming years to take control in areas like Hull, Sheffield and Stockport. We want to work with these groups as well as thought leaders and policy experts to showcase what Liberal Democrats can do.

While the road ahead is long, Coronavirus will eventually be defeated, and we'll need to start rebuilding our economy. We cannot risk further entrenching the regional inequalities that have held so many people back. We must seize this opportunity to advocate a distinct, radical, liberal vision for our regions - that looks beyond infrastructure and enables our regions to chart our own futures.

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